Operation Win 20 Medals in Rio 2016: Sports we must explore in Nigeria

With 167 million Nigerians, there is no reason why Olympic bling-blings should not be dangling on our athletes’ necks after every Olympic games. London 2012 was a huge eye-opener.

My approach is simple:

Get a list of all the Current World and Olympic Records holders/Winners of events where Nigeria has a likelihood of winning medals and try to equal or surpass the feats.

1.  Aquatics [Talents most likely available in the SW, SS, SE, Middlebelt]
Water polo

Water Polo
canoe slalom







2. Canoe / kayak
Canoe / Kayak Slalom
Canoe / Kayak Sprint

3. Rowing:


coxless pair (2-) men
double sculls (2x) men
eight with coxswain (8+) men
four without coxswain (4-) men
lightweight coxless four (4-) men
lightweight double sculls (2x) men
quadruple sculls without coxsw men
single sculls (1x) men

double sculls (2x) women
eight with coxswain (8+) women
lightweight double sculls (2x) women
pair without coxswain (2-) women
quadruple sculls without coxsw women

4. Sailing: [Talents most likely available in the SW, SS, SE]



470 – Two Person Dinghy men
49er – Skiff men
Finn – One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) men
Laser – One Person Dinghy men
RS:X – Windsurfer men
Star – Keelboat men


470 – Two Person Dinghy women
Elliott 6m – match racing women
Laser Radial – One Person Dinghy women

 5. Volleyball: [Talents most likely available in the SW, SS, SE, Middlebelt]

Beach volleyball




6. Shooting: [Talents most likely available nationwide]


10m air pistol (60 shots) men
10m air rifle (60 shots) men
25m rapid fire pistol men
50m pistol (60 shots) men
50m rifle 3 positions (3×40 shots) men
50m rifle prone (60 shots) men
double trap (150 targets) men
skeet (125 targets) men
trap (125 targets) men


10m air pistol (40 shots) women
10m air rifle (40 shots) women
25m pistol (30+30 shots) women
50m rifle 3 positions (3×20 shots) women
skeet (75 targets) women
trap (75 targets) women

Archery: [Talents most likely available nationwide]



individual (FITA Olympic round – 70m) men
team (FITA Olympic round – 70m) men


individual (FITA Olympic round – 70m) women
Click to View Source of Listings


a. The 10 Most Important Rules of Water Polo

Water polo is a complex and rapid game to play. Things happen quick and motion is constant and actually very hard to detect by referees, yet they seem to do an extremely amazing job at what they do. It’s a game of integrity, stamina, and much physical ability is needed to get by.

Of course with every game that is to be played fairly, there needs to be rules in place to keep everything going along smoothly. Water polo rules are pretty clearly defined and easy to understand, yet they’re also easily and often broken, therefore you’ll certainly hear the foul whistle blowing quite often during a game. Here then is a list of some of the most important rules of water polo for those following along at home.

A player is only allowed to touch the ball with one hand.
The bottom or sides of the pool cannot be used or touched.
A player cannot interfere with a free throw (this is a biggie, or what they call a major foul).
Each player is only allowed two fouls during a game, after that the referee can hold him under water for as long as he can (okay, just kidding, the player just gets kicked out of the game)
Players aren’t allowed to hold the ball underwater at no time, even if it is because of the other player holding your arm down (doesn’t seem quite fair, but either is life I suppose).
There is no hitting another players arm as he is holding or passing the ball.
You cannot push off a defensive player (or at least let the ref see you doing so, but who can tell with all of that water splashing around right?)
No contact with other players intentionally.
No sinking or dunking another player (See parenthesis of rule number 7).
No using foul language during a water polo game (Above water anyways!).

One comment

  1. I also thought about this just after the dismal Olympic outing and thought of sports that we historically were good at. Like table Tennis, Weightlifting, Boxing, Judo. as well as track and field 100m, 200m, 400m the relays, long jump, triple jump, discus, shot put and javelin (we should be good at those because we are usually good at “strength” disciplines. Also team sports like football, volleyball, basketball and either hockey or handball.

    I thought these could be zoned according to resources. 6 zones South South, West, East, Central, North East and North west. Athletics and team sports in states that have stadia for example athletics at Benin, Calabar, Jos. Long distance running in areas of talent eg Benue, Plateau. Other sports in states that do not have facilities yet e.g new states like Bayelsa, Yobe, Kebbi and Ekiti

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