Prov 24:3-4 ‘’By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures’’.

This is a response to salient issues raised on the Presidential Media Chat (PMC) of Sunday, 29th September, 2013

Leaders everywhere on earth are not saints. None is sculpted to be infallible even by God. However, transparency and a genuine sense of purpose is clearly a crime to sworn naysayers most of whom do not see beyond their noses and are most times straight-faced about things they do not understand even with clear knowledge of antecedents.

With this foreword by Edwin Dico Okugbo, we shall commence a blow-by-blow analysis of SOME of the responses by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan during the PMC : ‘’ The only problem I see with the president is that he is too genuine! Nigerians don’t like genuine leaders. It is the fact. We like to be deceived. We like to have leaders who will tell us lies and sweet talk us. That is why People like Rochas, Amaechi and Oshiomole are popular. The president is too straight. This is supposed to be a plus, but with the current orientation in Nigeria, it looks like a minus. We should not allow the evil gang rob us of the strides this president can help us achieve as a country. It is amazing that all the things we have fought for over the years and have been praying for, are being achieved under this president, but suddenly, we have a gang up that is trying to scuttle it. We will not allow it to happen, by God’s grace’’. – Edwin Dico Okugbo (END QUOTE)

1. I will begin with SHEKAU, Nigeria’s own version of Osama Bin Laden :
All the news items about Shekau’s purported death had to do with conjectures and probabilities (MAY and MIGHT) by the Nigerian Army. That is normal and expected in warfare: In its report on Shekau’s possible death, Vanguard News had this to say: ‘’ In a statement certain to elicit a huge sigh of relief nationwide, the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State, Operation Restore Order, said yesterday that the leader of the outlawed Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau, might have died as a result of injuries sustained during a recent military onslaught on his group.

Shekau had been declared wanted by the Nigerian military, police and the United States government, which had variously offered rewards for his capture. He was recognised as the spiritual and militant leader of the terrorist organisation that has waged war against the Nigerian state for four years and is responsible for the deaths of thousands.

In a press statement yesterday, the spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, said: “Intelligence reports available to the Joint Task Force, Operation Restore Order, revealed that Abubakar Shekau, the most dreaded and wanted Boko Haram terrorists leader may have died.” Please NOTE the word MAY: Thus the president is in order to say he is not sure of Shekau’s death since Sagir Musa has not officially tendered a categorical report to both the president and the international community about Shekau’s demise (there is a bounty on his head to the tune of millions of dollars anyway) Nine times, Osama was pronounced dead: In November 2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama may have died in the Pakistani earthquake of October that year

”Why should state universities lecturers join in ASUU strike when they are not under FG funding? When the visitors to the state universities are state governors?” – GEJ

‘’ASUU has gone political: State Universities are owned by state governments, infrastructure and maintenance is done by the owners (state government), increment of school fees in state universities is done by the owners e.g Lagos state University school fees was increased by Fashola, from 25k to 250k, now why are they on strike, do they mean that the Federal Government should provide infrastructure for them???’’ – Anthony Eromosele Irabor

FLASHBACK: SEPTEMBER 2, 2012, GO TO COURT, AMAECHI TELLS ASUU – Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State on Saturday called on the Academic Staff Union of Universities to take his government to court if it was convinced that it breached the law.

Amaechi made the call in reaction to the one-day warning strike by ASUU over the re-appointment of Prof. Barineme Fakae as Vice-Chancellor of Rivers State University of Science and Technology. He told the News Agency of Nigeria in Berlin, Germany, that RSUST was governed by a state law and could not be dictated to by ASUU’s national leadership with regard to the appointment of its VC.

“There is a difference between the federal law which the president had signed which governs federal universities and the state law.
“They (ASUU) want me to disobey the law that sets up RSUST. I wish them luck but this will not happen within the period that I am governor of Rivers State’’. This should shut the mandibles of those asking why states shouldn’t join the ASUU Strike

3. SINGLE TERM: President Goodluck Jonathan said his initial one term verbal discussing “with some people” was based on the belief that his proposal for a 7 years one term arrangement would sail through, but that he did not put it on paper and that anyone who has the evidence should produce such document’’. We await that librarian/record keeper.

* On Challenges of The Presidency: ‘’My seat is hot and sometime cool…It takes courage to be a leader’’.

* On His 2015 Ambition: ‘’I did not sign agreement not to contest 2015 with anybody. If people say I have signed an agreement, they should show you d agreement…Don’t force me to declare my 2015 intention. It’s not right. It’s illegal’’.

* On Cabinet Reshuffle: ‘’The recent sacking of 9 ministers has nothing to do with PDP crisis…Some of d Ministers are from states where their Govs are very close to me…In Govt sometimes it’s like a football team. You might want to do something to get results. It’s supposed not to be an issue. Why should Jonathan’s own be an issue?’’

* On ASUU Strike: (1) I am not saying that there is politics behind d strike, but Nigerians are wondering why state Universities should close their school for an issue between d Fed Govt and Fed Universities?…Nigerians should ask state Universities why they are on strike. Is that the fault of Mr President? (2) The only contentious issue on d ASUU 2009 agreement, which is difficult to implement is the Lecturers demand that Govt Properties should be transferred to their schools.
(3) We all should plead with ASUU to call off the strike.

* On The Economy: ‘’Nigeria is not broke…Anybody saying Nigeria is broke is just playing politics with what he is not supposed to…Those who say Nigeria is broke should tell you what is d parameters they have used to determine that Nigeria is broke…To say Nigeria is broke, there must be some parameters…To make that kind of statement is very unfortunate…We must be careful d statements we make. It doesn’t matter whether you like d face of d president or not…America allowed me ring NYSE closing bell because they know we are not broke’’.

* On Corruption: ‘’Don’t misquote me, I’m not saying we don’t have issues of corruption…I think corruption is like d 3rd in terms of our problems in Nigeria, not number one…I think access to finance and infrastructure are d first and second…I’m not saying corruption is not there, but am saying it’s not number one’’.

* Oil Bunkering: ‘’It is the rich who are stealing our oil for clandestine exportation. We are working hard to curb crude oil theft. I can assure Nigerians that we will bring it (oil theft) under control…They say those who funded my elections are subsidy thieves. If its true will I want to remove subsidy so they can’t sponsor elections?

* On Apo Killings: ‘’People have made confessional statements…There were Boko Haram elements.
(CAVEAT MINE): Tomorrow is October 1. The mischief-makers may have been planning mayhem

* On Boko Haram & Poverty:
(1) Book Haram, not my fault; It has been around before I became president…I don’t know if Boko Haram leader is dead or alive…You journalists should know better, you always talk to d Terrorists…In d North some soldiers have been court martialed for leaking information even some senators are being prosecuted for links with Boko Haram…Boko Haram can’t frustrate Nigeria.
(2) Some attribute violence in North East to poverty. Can poor people buy AK-47?…Can poor people buy Hilux Vehicles?

* On Mischief Makers: ‘’When Govt is doing well nobody praises, but anything negative is blown out of proportion’’. – Compiled by Tunde Omo Sholanke

CORRUPTION IS ALL ENCOMPASSING. According to a Kenyan anti-graft chief, asking govt to wipe out corruption is like asking God to wipe out sin from the face of the Earth!

I have noticed that Nigerians think official graft is the only corruption type that should be fought… What of these?

The teacher was once a student. We have noticed that most of those yapping about corruption are masters of the trade themselves. The manner with which people accuse govt of corruption thus has some semblance of jealousy in it – Jealousy that the loot is fatter when in govt. This is because the so-called ”govt” is not a HUMAN BEING. It is the human beings, who are not from Mars, Jupiter or even outer space that are corrupt! They are from this same larger society and have carried over pre-requisite corruption behaviours.

Some are listed hereunder:
1. Those who collect/give bribes and convert public funds
2. Those who rig elections
3. Those who manage parts and use inferior parts for machines (including dishonest artisans like automechanics, plumbers, etc)
4. Those who jump queue at public places
5. Those who drive one way / short cutting during hold up
6. Those who import inferior things to Nigeria
7. Those who authorized inferior things to be brought into Nigeria
8. Those who cheat in examination (including parents who facilitate such)
9. Those teaching their children that cheating others means being smart
10. Those who are not paying good wages
11. Those who are not putting their best to their work
12. Those who set targets of N10billion for a young banker
13. Those in public offices who refuse to provide amenities
14. Those in FOREIGN Missions who will not provide help for fellow Nigerians
15. Those who incite one religion against the other
16. Those who incite one tribe against the other
17. Those who refuse to provide free and compulsory education for NIGERIAN children, thus grooming beggars
18. Those who collect TITHES and OFFERING from looters
19. Those who promised to make Nigeria ungovernable by bombing, hacking and murdering innocent people because they did not win elections or they want land for grazing
20. Those who pretend there’s nothing wrong in (19 above) because of region and religion
21. Those who forge travel documents, falsify documentations, age and certificates, run abroad, and come on facebook to tell people that others are corrupt…
22. Habitual tax evaders
23. Those who dispense justice to the highest bidders
24. Those who stay mute while evil thrives
25. Those who urge people to go ahead to lynch others while their children are comfortably living abroad
26. Those who live off the pensions of our aged retirees
27. Those who create ghosts on payrolls so that they can enrich themselves
28. Those journalists who hide the truth in page 17 and place hearsays or fabricated stories on cover pages
29.Those involved in yahoo-yahoo, yahoo+ and yahoo++ who think they catch oyibo mugu thus think they are smart, while tarnishing our national image
30. Those who borrow money above their means to throw parties or spray at parties only to get busy looking for fast money to repay the loan after indulging in vainglory.
31. Those who were brought up with the loot but refuse to repent and embrace morality
32. Those who tarnish the images of their colleagues just to find favour in the sight of their bosses
33. Those who are in the habit of vandalizing PHCN equipment 4 their selfish gains while throwing whole neighbourhoods into darkness and still come on facebook to tell us govt is corrupt
34. Those who seize others’ lands for grazing without due process or use their cattle to destroy crops of hardworking farmers and still stab or hack them to death for complaining
35. Those who appoint their immediate families in positions meant for diverse sections of Nigeria, with some reserving positions for their children still in primary school
36. Those who want to suck blood because they lost [or if they lose] elections even if the murdered victim actually voted for the blood suckers
37. Petrol Station owners who adjust/recalibrate their pumps to cheat unsuspecting Nigerians including the attendants who know this and partake in the loot
38. Drug peddlers
39. Fake currency producers and mongers
40. Regular rogues and professional abductors
• For a man to conquer himself is the first & noblest of all victories. –Plato
• “The worst people in the Sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection will be the two faced people…” (Bukhari)

Ideated by Henry Omoregie

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