Davis, Boko Haram, El Rufai, APC, Northern Elders vs Ihejirika


FACT: Ihejirika was NOT sacked as Chief of Army Staff. He was RETIRED after his mandatory service years elapsed just like IGP Abubakar…Danbazzau was the sacked COAS just before Ihejirika (and he – Danbazzau- was said to be unhappy about his removal) SEE ‘’ Dambazzau who was relieved from his position while attending a conference in New York and is said to have expressed anger over the way and manner he was fired. He has a long list of followers among soldiers of Northern extraction.’’ http://www.pointblanknews.com/News/os3912.html

FACT: The Boko Haram witnessed today is different from the one headed by the Late Yusuf of the Yusifiya sect, said to have been bankrolled by Ali Modu Sheriff for his political advantage… till date, whether he likes it or not, the Boko Haram ” tag” has stuck on Sheriff who a few weeks ago left the APC to PDP after 15 years in Buhari’s ANPP, then APC…

FACT: OBJ Visited the remnants of the dislodged sect headed by Yusuf in the wake of the promised ungovernability via Boko Haram-ing of hapless Nigerians by a confused group of indoctrinated morons whose only demands were for ALL NIGERIANS AND PRESIDENT JONATHAN TO CONVERT TO ISLAM

FACT: Yusuf’s in-law an octogenarian, during the meeting with OBJ, absolved the old Boko Haram from the bombings we are witnessing in the Jonathan-era and instead accused the FG of not obeying the court order to pay 100 million naira damages to Yusuf’s family for extra-judicial murder of the suspect under late UMYA.

FACT: The present Boko Haram murdered the octogenarian for meeting with OBJ and upturning their apple-cart

FACT: In an email sent to Sunday Mail of London where he wrote that his negotiations for the release of the Chibok girls was nearing a positively conclusive end, Davis revealed he had had ‘‘ongoing contacts’’ with the groups involved in the kidnapping in the North-East for seven years. (http://www.punchng.com/news/jonathans-secret-negotiator-chibok-girls-very-ill/). NOTE: Ihejirika was COAS after the SACKED DANBAZZAU for about 3 years (2010 to 2013)

FACT: Prominent Northern Elders, APC, BUHARI El Rufai et al have always accused Ihejirika of killing ‘’their (BOKO HARAM) boys’’ in various tones, instead of treating them like Niger Delta Amnesty enjoying ex-militants

FACT: Ihejirika (the first Igbo COAS since 1966) was accused by the same group of ethnicising the military to the disadvantage of especially the Muslim north (http://ireports-ng.com/2013/02/11/rattled-army-chief-gen-ihejirika-defends-self-against-allegations-fingers-gen-isa-in-jaji-bombings/)

FACT: Davis NEVER said Ihejirika was a sponsor of Boko Haram. Instead he said the BOKO HARAM COMMANDERS TOLD HIM THAT.

FACT: Davis said OPPOSITION POLITICIANS WERE BEHIND BOKO HARAM AND ANY ATTEMPT BY THE FG TO CLAMP DOWN ON THEM WILL TRANSLATE TO ATTEMPTS AT COWING THE OPPOSITION AS 2015 APPROACHES. Davis specifically singled out USA, France and Britain as most likely to be vehement against such moves if done…


FACT: It then means the OPPOSITION told their BOKO HARAM BOYS to tell Davis that the man they loved to hate – Ihejirika and the man who just left them (the founder of the defunct Late Yusuf Boko Haram who never bombed anywhere) Ali Modu Sheriff, were sponsors of the current Boko Haram

FLASHBACK: Date Published: SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2010
Jonathan’s Presidency: Northern Elements plan Gridlock, Mayhem, may use Boko Haram
…Military Coup on the table
…How Security Report stopped Jonathan’s American Trip
…Fifth Columnists under Security Watch

A crisis of huge magnitude capable of thwarting Nigeria’s democratic process is currently being planned by some Northern elements following the declaration of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest the 2011 Presidential elections.
It was learnt that the characters behind the plot have at various nocturnal meetings vowed to ensure gridlock, and mayhem if President Jonathan gets the ticket.

Highly placed sources told pointblanknews.com that the plot is in three phases: challenge the PDP’s decision to accept President Jonathan’s candidacy in court, cause religious riots and killings of Southerners in the North and then create a state of emergency in the country and a consequent military putsch.

Spearheading the plot that has on the table, a possible event that could lead to the ‘suspension of the constitution’, are Former Central Bank Governor and Ex- Minister for Finance, Adamu Ciroma, Ex Internal Affairs minister and former Senate President, Iyorchia Ayu, PDP chieftain, Yakassai; former deputy National chairman of the defunct National Party Of Nigeria (NPN), Shetima Ali Munguno;, Senator Kanti Bello, Ex National Democratic Party chairman, and IBB campaign coordinator, Hassan Mohammed Jalo; PDP chieftain, Lawal Kaita, Bello Kirfi, Second republic Ambassador to Switzerland, Yahaya Kwande, and Special assistant to for Vice President, Abubakar Atiku, Ex Chief of Army, General Abdulrahman Dambazzau, and scribe Northern consultative Forum (NCF), Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim while General Office Commanding (GOC), 3 rd Armored Division, in Jos, General Saleh Maina, is said to have been briefed.

Pointblanknews.com also learnt that the extremists in the North are expected to co-opt some influential and desperate politicians from other zones in the sinister game plan.

In line with the script, some of the arrowheads have agreed to start sending signals through the media, of a possible pogrom that would make the Rwandan genocide, a child’s play. They also want to recreate pockets of massacre in the north that led to the civil war. They intend to mobilize ethnic militia like the Boko Haram, to launch all out genocide on southerners in the north, with an anticipated reprisal attacks in the south.

The plot is expected to also involve some officers of northern extraction and top attorneys. The attorney’s are expected to begin series of legal battles to challenge the PDP in court. The legal option would be a page out of the Arthur Nzeribe’s infamous Association for Better Nigeria, ABN, play book. ABN had in 1993 got an injunction stopping the Professor Humphrey Nwosu’s electoral Commission from conducting the Presidential election.

Pointblanknews.com learnt that, If Jonathan gets the nod of the PDP as its standard bearer, the legal think-tank made up of top jurists, retired justices and judges are expected to fashion out a suit that would be brought before a judge of their peers who would grant an injunction that would restrain INEC from conducting the presidential election.

In a recent letter jointly signed by Ciroma, Ayu, Kaita, Kirfi, Kwande and Bashir Ibrahim, they said “…we are extremely worried that our Party’s failure to deliver justice in this matter, may ignite a series of events, the scope and magnitude of which we can neither proximate nor contain. The peace, stability and unity of our country are superior to the personal ambition of one man. This stability and the corporate existence of our Party are all at stake and we urge you to grant our prayers.”

Recently also , one of General Ibrahim Babangida’s campaign coordinators, and ex National Democratic Party chairman, Hassan Mohammed Jalo , in line with the fiery rhetoric of characters like Kanti Bello and Tanko Yakassai said “we have a leader (Jonathan) that wants Nigeria to disintegrate, that wants Nigeria to crumble on his head. At the rate we are going, if anything happens to Nigeria now the whole blame will go to Goodluck Jonathan because he is the President”

Monguno, 74, former Mines and Power Commissioner under General Gowon said “I am afraid if he (Jonathan) insists on standing for the Presidency, there will be all sorts of confusion, a lot of confusion that could compromise the unity of Nigeria.”
Sources hinted pointblanknews.com that the series of warnings and threats issued by leaders from the North have now reached a new crescendo as options and strategies are now being worked out.

According to highly placed sources, in the event of a crisis, the North would take full advantage of its population in the Military and take over. The source said “they would also take advantage of the fact that the new Army chief, General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika is yet to ‘settle’ down, coupled with the fact that some key officers are still loyal to the sacked Army chief, Gen Abdulrahman Dambazzau.”

Dambazzau who was relieved from his position while attending a conference in New York and is said to have expressed anger over the way and manner he was fired. He has a long list of followers among soldiers of Northern extraction.

General Maina who is a key consideration in the plot was at one time put under surveillance by the military intelligence. He heads one of the most strategic and lethal Division in the Nigeria Army. The other three key areas that are being infiltrated are 2 nd Div, Ibadan; 82 Div, Lagos and 1 Mechanized Division, Kaduna.
President Jonathan have had to cancel his planned Visit to the United States to address the United Nations General Assembly soon after declaring to contest in what a security source said had to do with “immediate security reports obtained.”

Some Northern politicians had warned that the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), must not field President Jonathan, a southerner for the Presidential election insisting that it is the turn of Northern Nigeria to produce the President.

However, security sources hinted Pointblanknews.com that soon after president Jonathan declared at the Eagle Square, Abuja, some top Northern leaders met to strategize and stop the Presidency from “being hijacked by the Southerner.”
According to a source “we received a tip- off almost immediately because they were monitoring the events on television and that was why we advised the president against any foreign trip now.”

But President Jonathan had relied on the provision of the Nigeria constitution as against an agreement in the PDP to declare his interest to vie for the top political position. – http://www.pointblanknews.com/News/os3912.html

POSTSCRIPT: APC, the opposition party (according to Davis) behind Boko Haram have been silent on the fact that a sacked CBN Top Shot and a serving CBN bigwig were fingered by Davis revelations, and have also been silent on the accusation of the opposition party being behind Boko Haram as noted even before now by UK Parliament members and another UK Think-Tank. Instead, they are bandying about what they told their boys to tell Davis – BUNKUM

1. UK May Be Forced To Probe ‘Links’ Between APC & Boko Haramhttp://www.naij.com/69615.html
2. EXPOSED: UK Think-Tank Links APC With Boko Haram, Warns US To Steer Clear Of APC (DETAILS) AUGUST 05, 2014 http://www.codewit.com/headlines/21879-exposed-uk-think-tank-links-apc-with-boko-haram-warns-us-to-steer-clear-of-apc-details


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