*Indigenes Reject Buhari’s Plan… Prefer Jonathan’s Plan
As Buhari constitutes HYPREP board: Magnus Abe group kick; say they are comfortable with Jonathan’s recommendations.

While we thank President Buhari for carrying on with the recommendations of the Jonathan’s administration to cleanup Ogoniland, we believe the proposed structure should have a Rivers representative on the Board of Trustees of HYPREP, and the initial take-off of $50 million as contained in the Jonathan’s recommendations. The BOT reviews the decisions of the governing council, receives and manages all funds meant for the cleanup.

Therefore, it’s not enough to have Rivers state only on the governing council of HYPREP. We can’t be playing second fiddle all the time. Not in a matter that directly affects us. This is absolutely unacceptable and the $10 million approved as initial take-off is a far cry from the $50 million gazetted in the Jonathan’s recommendations. Ogoniland is not a political party. And its clean up shouldn’t be politicized on the basis of ” 5%”. Environmental hazards don’t know PDP or APC. Its impact is on all humans, irrespective of age, descent or party affiliations. The cleanup of Ogoniland concerns all Nigerians who reside and do business in Ogoniland and its environs.

This development of altering the recommendations of the Jonathan’s administration as regards the cleanup of Ogoniland, by President Buhari, as seen in the composition of the Board of Trustees of HYPREP is very frightening. And we are afraid that President Buhari may not release all the monies, and compensation as contained in the Jonathan’s recommendations for the cleanup, in line with the UNEP report. Our fears have become deeply intense, as President Buhari has knocked off the position of chairman of the Board of Trustees of HYPREP, to be occupied by Rivers state.

Not only has Buhari denied us, the BOT chairmanship position, he has completely removed Rivers state from the membership of the BOT. We wish to state, that we are very comfortable with the recommendations of the Jonathan’s administration, and we are calling on President Buhari to kindly rescind his decision, and implement the Jonathan’s recommendations on the cleanup of Ogoniland, hook line and sinker.


Michael Dedon:

”I see that many APCites are masturbating over the directive of Buhari for the cleanup of Ogoniland to commence, lambasting Jonathan for doing nothing as a son of the soil for the Ogonis but i will set the record straight now.

First of, the clean up of Ogoniland will take upto 30 years to accomplish with an initial capital injection of US$1 billion. The clean up exercise was set in motion by President Jonathan who commissioned the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland in order to assess the extent of damage to the environment and how to remedy same. The UNEP report made recommendations to the government, the oil and gas industry and communities to begin a comprehensive cleanup of Ogoniland, restore polluted environments and put an end to all forms of ongoing oil contamination in the region.

Over a 14-month period, the UNEP team collected more than 4,000 samples of soil, fish and air, including water taken from 142 groundwater monitoring wells drilled specifically for the study and soil extracted from 780 boreholes and investigated, in depth, 69 of the many hundreds of oil spills in Ogoniland over the past 50 years. UNEP examined more than 200 locations, surveyed 122 kilometers of pipeline rights of way, reviewed more than 5,000 medical records and engaged over 23,000 people at local community meetings.

So as we can see, the clean up exercise of Ogoniland is a process which will take time to accomplish and will also take the good will of successive govt’s to accomplish. Jonathan who started it has gone and Buhari will stay for 4 years unless re-elected for another term of 4 years. Buhari will not stay in office for 30 years and i’m not sure he will commit $1 billion to the clean up exercise as he’s only given approval for $10 million to be made available not from the govt coffers but by the stakeholders.

Let’s not make it look like Buhari has already cleaned up Ogoniland. There should be a limit to propaganda. Jonathan has done his bit, Buhari is doing his and we pray those that succeed them will also do their own bits to remedy this most catastrophic event in Ogoniland for which Ken Saro-Wiwa and other prominent Ogonis paid the supreme price.”


  1. Why is magnus Abe complaining? Everything buhari and apc does is right! Or is it because he was denied the chance of being in the board? At least he has acknowledge that Jonathan’s plan was better. From $50million to $10million! It is better this way for Rivers people.

  2. Michael:
    You lied. The analysis and assessments were conducted by the UNO and not Jonathan, except that he sat on it for four years and never did anything.

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